Cosmetic Procedures

dentist performing cosmetic dental procedure on a patient.

Cosmetic procedures in restorative dentistry actually function together a lot of the time. Cosmetic procedures further the aesthetic component of your smile, while restoring your smile works to fix the structural problems to your teeth. Restorative dental care is important to bring back your natural smile and prevent future oral health issues.  Cosmetic procedures can […]

Custom Appliances

Close-up of the doctor’s hands in blue gloves hold an artificial model of the jaw with invisible braces. The dentist shows an example of tooth alignment.

There are different types of oral appliances and each has a different purpose! We make custom appliances to fit your mouth and jaw, condition, and level of activity. Athletic Mouth Guards will be made of thermoplastic polymer and fit over a model impression made of your mouth. Athletic mouth guards help prevent dental trauma and damage […]

Composite Fillings

Child to the dentist. Child in the dental chair dental treatment

Fillings are extremely common. In fact, most people will need at least one filling in their lifetime. These procedures are used to treat cavities, broken or cracked teeth. Natural Looking Fillings Resin composite fillings are a more natural-looking filling that is mixed to match your natural tooth color. Composite resin also allows you to maintain as […]

Porcelain Crowns

Paint a tooth crown, dental concept

Porcelain crowns are custom-made, a tooth-colored cap covering, that encases the entire tooth surface restoring it to its original shape and size, strength, and appearance. Crowns will fully encase the visible portion of a tooth that is at and above the gum line. Crowns can protect and strengthen a tooth that is weak, restore a […]

Root Canal Therapy

Young woman at the dentist

When a tooth becomes too infected to be restored with a filling or a crown, patients may require a root canal. Root canals remove bacteria and the dying or dead tissue from inside the damaged tooth. This treatment can help save the existing tooth from being removed. After the procedure, the tooth will need to […]


Dental Bridges

A bridge is meant to close gaps in your smile. If you have missing teeth, a bridge of false teeth can be used and held in place by the existing teeth. Bridges are typically made from porcelain to blend in with your natural teeth. Types of Dental Bridges There are four types of dental bridges: cantilever, […]