Jamia S.

“This is a great place to have dental work done. Dr. Stallens and his staff are AWESOME. They make you feel comfortable and do fantastic work.

Victoria J.

“Office staff is very friendly and accommodating as best they can. Outside of an occasional wait time, no complaints.

Jimmie J.

“Dr. Stallens just make you feel comfortable and the staff simply the best.

Jamia S.​

“Great place! Dr Stallens and his staff are AWESOME. They make you feel comfortable and do fantastic work.”

Russell R.​

“Awesome service. Friendly and pleasant staff. They were able  to work me in the same day to address a dental issue I had.”

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“Love Constance. She is so gentle and Dr. Stallens is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. I’d recommend them to anyone!”

Medications and Oral Health

Senior woman taking her daily prescripted medication

Certain medications can adversely affect your oral health. While changing your daily routine to include drinking more water or using certain rinses to help moisturize your mouth, you will want to speak with your dentist about how to protect your teeth from damage while taking medication. What Happens to Your Teeth When Using Certain Medications […]

Metal Fillings and Crowns

girl smiling on a sunny day

Metal fillings and crowns are used to fill a space where dental decay has been removed by your dentist to restore the appearance, strength, and structure of a tooth. With a metal dental filling or dental crown, it will help restore your tooth’s integrity while enjoying restored function and better oral health. Metal Dental Fillings […]


Close-up of man showing his teeth

Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight years of life that affects the teeth. When adult teeth come in, the teeth affected by fluorosis may appear mildly discolored. Teeth may also have surface irregularities or pits that are highly noticeable. Most treatments for fluorosis masks stains rather than […]

Oral Hygiene Habits

Smiling young afro man with toothbrush cleaning teeth at bathroom. Daily oral hygiene concept

Fixing aesthetic concerns about your teeth such as gaps, minor chips, or discoloration is relatively simple. However, if you’re experiencing unhealthy teeth and gums, you will not be a candidate for cosmetic dentistry until the issues have been resolved. Doing so helps prevent infection or other unnecessary complications. Poor oral hygiene is usually failure to […]